Hello Docs team,
I've been a Linux user since 2004 but had a 6-7 year gap before picking up Linux again 2 years ago. To assist my son who was running a 1st generation RaspberryPI B with Raspbian, I resharpened my Linux skills by installing mostly Ubuntu based distros on old hardware. Before my hiatus away from Linux, Fedora was my daily driver, and a few weeks ago I came back to Fedora installing it on my latest "new to me" Dell Optiplex 390. Currently, I'm having fun running Fedora 30 Server with Fluxbox on top for my Window Manager / Desktop of choice. I enjoy the CLI and learning new commands to manage my Linux boxes from the CLI.

What I love about Linux more than anything is the community. I don't have a lot of money, hence the reason why I'm running Linux on 7-10 year old computers with 4gb of RAM and running lightweight Window Mangers like Fluxbox, but I would like to give back to the Linux community that has given so much to me. I've been involved in providing help to users in the Bodhi Linux forum and Discord, and I participate in the Virtual LUG community known as "Big Daddy Linux" on Youtube and their Discourse forum.

I believe that my profession as a pastor who takes challenging ideas and presents those ideas through writing, preaching, and teaching has provided me with a background that I hope will be helpful in creating technical documentation for Fedora users. I love breaking down complex ideas and presenting them in different ways for the benefit of others. I also enjoy hearing feedback, and using it to adjust my presentation of information for their benefit.

Although I have only recently come back to Fedora, I decided to join the docs team for the following reasons. I remember the Fedora community as being welcoming and willing to help new users. I noticed that Fedora Docs is using ASCIIDOC which is a technology I have used in the past and enjoyed. Fedora Docs had a process to bring new contributors into the project. Although I have wanted to participate in documentation efforts in other Linux Communities, I did not find a series to steps to follow to get involved. Fedora offered those steps so here I am with my "Self-Introduction" email.

I live in the US Eastern Time Zone. I would enjoy helping out with tutorials and documentation that helps the new Fedora user grow from a beginner to an advanced user. Hopefully, you can find a place for me to help out.

Below is my gpg public key, this was the most complicated part of joining the Fedora community but I think I did it right.

pub   rsa2048 2019-08-21 [SC] [expires: 2020-08-20]
      9C8B 56E1 63AB 8A0D 19E8  DF0E 870D BDB2 9851 0C04
uid           [ultimate] Stephen Daley (FedoraKeyPair) <mowestusa@yahoo.com>
sub   rsa2048 2019-08-21 [E] [expires: 2020-08-20]

---------------------------- | Steve | | mowestusa@yahoo.com | ----------------------------