Hi Amit, welcome to the project!

To get you started, would you like to write some release notes for Fedora 29? That's currently our priority and it's also a perfect task for a newcomer. Also, have you ever used git and ASCIIDoc (or any other Markdown-like markup language)?


On 9/27/18 6:50 AM, amit kumar wrote:

I am Amit Sharma from Jaipur, India.I am currently looking to contribute in Fedora community. I have been a Linux user since 2016 but this is my first time on intending to join an open source software project since I am confident that I already acquired necessary skills to contribute.my computer skills level is intermediate because I can successfully install and configure a Linux o .s.However, I can do only basic web programming HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and MySQL.The only thing i can immediately contribute significantly to the Fedora project is user documentation especially about installation and configuration in a desktop and laptop and also looking forward to learn more things with you all.

Can anyone sponsor me for the group?

Kind regards

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