Hello all,

My name is Jonathan Leist. I’m new to this mailing list (but not new to Fedora), so I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and express my interest in contributing to the Documentation Project.

I’m currently employed as an Infrastructure Engineer at software company, where my responsibilities include a mix of systems administration and software development. During my time as an engineer, I’ve contributed code to projects written in a few different languages, including PHP, Python, Bash and C/C++; I’ve also dabbled in Rust and Kotlin.

My systems administration responsibilities have also exposed me to quite a few interesting technologies, including Puppet, Docker, FPM Cookery, and many more. Perhaps more uniquely, since I work for an Email Service Provider (ESP), I also have extensive experience building, improving and maintaining email delivery systems, and I can speak extensively about authentication protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI), STARTTLS and Mail Transfer Agents (Postfix and PowerMTA).

While I’ve never contributed documentation to any FLOSS projects like Fedora, I do possess an English degree and have written extensive documentation and numerous runbooks at my company. Beyond that, I’m extremely passionate about free software, Linux and the Fedora Project, and I am eager to give back. Fedora was the first Linux distribution that I ever installed, and it has been my distribution of choice ever since.

I’m happy to help this project in any capacity possible, but I’m particularly interested in writing documentation for new users, as I’ve only been using Fedora for a few years myself. I’m also painfully familiar with the struggles that are associated with maintaining development environments as a Linux user in a mostly non-Linux office, and I would love to channel some of my past frustrations into new articles. This is a perfect example of the type of article that helped me avoid hours of troubleshooting on my workstation (and which I’d like to emulate):


As of right now, I (conservatively) estimate I should be able to contribute ten or more hours per week to the project. I live in the Eastern Time Zone, so my local time is either UTC -4:00 or UTC -5:00, depending on the time of year. Below you’ll find my GPG key:

pub   rsa2048/AA2CD859 2020-09-16 [SC] [expires: 2021-09-16]
uid         [ultimate] Jonathan Leist (Fedora Project) <jonathan@jonathanleist.com>
sub   rsa2048/AC885C65 2020-09-16 [E] [expires: 2021-09-16]

I look forward to speaking with you all in the future.

Jonathan Leist

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