I don't know about XML doctype & what I have to do right now . please explain it in simple way and my work at all

On Sep 8, 2016 1:38 AM, "Brian Exelbierd" <bex@pobox.com> wrote:
Hi All,

A chance conversation today led me to thinking about semantic markup and
AsciiDoc.  AsciiDoc is easier to write because it has fewer tags.  It is
also easier because it has fewer keystrokes.  However, it doesn't offer
a lot of options for marking up elements to:

* ensure consistency of localization by passing element information to
the localizer
* ensure consistency of formatting by ensuring all of the same elements,
for example command names, are marked up the same way
* allow for future automated testing with a project like `emender`

I went through the Installation Guide and found 97 DocBook XML tags.
I've put them in the table on this wiki page:


Please visit the page and edit it to weigh in on preferences about the

I believe this will help us complete our AsciiDoc style guide and do the
conversions more rapidly and effectively.

Today, if you want to discuss implementation of these tags in AsciiDoc,
please start a separate email thread.

Thank you.


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