Eric, Noriko,

The RMG is fairly new, only released it about a month ago on fedoradocs. It is placed in:;a=summary

I'm not sure how to make the POT files available on Transifex as this is my first and only guide on fedoradocs. Is there some kind of manual or guide on how to do this?

Thanks for your help and interesting in translating this guide!


On 08/02/2011 04:02 AM, Eric Christensen wrote:

I'm not familiar with the Resource Management Guide.  Perhaps it's new?  The Cloud Guide is in its infancy and the POT files aren't available just yet.


On Aug 2, 2011 1:37 AM, "Noriko Mizumoto" <> wrote:
> Hi Docs team
> Japanese team is looking at to translate the above guides. I can not
> locate Resource Manage Guide in Transifex. Can you point where to find?
> For Fedora Cloud Guide, I can see;
> Is this right place to download POs for translation?
> thanks
> noriko
> (2011年08月01日 00:11), Motohiro Kanda wrote:
>> 夏休みに気が向いたら、Resource Management Guide と Cloud Guide でも訳すか、
>> と思いましたが、前者は、 transifex プロジェクトがない、後者は、
>> それらしいのがあるけど、中身がない、
>> 状態です。どなたか、PO ファイルを用意してもらえませんか。あるいは、誰にどう、
>> コンタクトすればよいか教えて下さい。
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