Hi Timotheus,

that's an interesting project, and yeah i really like using monodevelop whether it's windows or linux - I don't like visual studio :P So yeah I definitely hope to nicely target dnx using monodevelop. I have an active mono project that i'll be updating its core code in upcoming few weeks and while doing so i'll clean up the code so it is compatible with dotnet core as well :]

And congrats on your new pet! Hope you get some sleep at night :P My sister always tells me that it's other way around that they are her dauthers pets :D

Best regards,

Radka Janeková

On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 6:44 AM, Timotheus Pokorra <timotheus.pokorra@solidcharity.com> wrote:

I am a member of the Mono SIG, and together with a couple of other
people we are maintaining Mono and depending packages in Fedora.

I got involved with Fedora in 2015, because I wanted an uptodate
version of Mono in CentOS...
I learned that I first have to help getting Mono uptodate in Fedora,
and then update it in Epel. This process is nearly finished, with the
Mono 4.2 packages available in epel-testing.

My motivation for Mono on Fedora/CentOS is OpenPetra [1], an open
source administration package (accounting, CRM, HR) for charities and
mission organisations. I am heavily involved in that project.

I assume that at some point OpenPetra will not depend on Winforms
anymore, but turn into a ASP like project. This is still far away, but
I am interested in dotnet core.
Also I see that more and more c# projects are using dotnet libraries
and msbuild, so I think we need to extend our support for that in
Fedora. Even MonoDevelop as a package goes into that direction [2].

I guess there is much common interest in the Mono SIG and Dotnet SIG,
and we will see how much overlap will exist.

Personally: I live in Plauen, Germany, was born in 1978, and just
became a father of a wonderful daughter 3 months ago :)

Looking forward to working with you,

[1]: https://www.openpetra.org
[2]: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1313236
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