Good catch I'll start to use the keyword for the meetings

On Sat, Jul 9, 2016, 10:56 PM Athos Ribeiro <> wrote:
tl;dr: Use "#startmeeting fedora-latam" to start meetings

Hello all,

As you know, we do have all the logs for each Fedora group in møte at [1]. If you go to [2] and browse to the end of the page, you will find a link to Fedora LATAM meetings logs. For my surprise, the last meeting logged there was from 2013.

At first I thought this could be a bug with møte and started trying to figure out how to fix that. Browsing through the code, I realized that møte actually depends on meeting names (of course it does) to properly set the team names and make the link to LATAM in [2] work as expected. As you may see in [3], there's an issue open to get that fixed and then we'll be able to use any of the names on [4] for our meetings.

As you can see in commit 09b5988, [5], we have not been nice to møte developers through time and even the example in [3] mentions LATAM, which is the group with the highest number of aliases in møte.

I suggest that, until 79 is closed, we stick to the original group_id in [6], "fedora-latam" as the meeting names so we can go back to letting people find our logs just by following the link in [2].

I also cc'd both Justin, who opened issue #79, and Chaoyi Zha, who has been working on møte lately.


ps: I am quite new to LATAM, so my apologies if this issue had already been pointed out.

Athos Ribeiro
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