I don't have any problems if you need to change dates guys.

However, maybe there are some folks that have already bought the flight tickets.


2016-07-27 10:16 GMT-05:00 Athos Ribeiro <athoscribeiro@gmail.com>:
Either way, I believe we must have a decision ASAP since we have less than 3 months to the event and lots of people are coming from different countries. I also believe we should frown upon changing event dates this close from it and IF anyone had already bought tickets, this should indicate a NO for changing dates. We could also set a calendar with freezing date limits for specific changes like this for future fudcons.

Now, IMHO it would be preferable to change the event venue to somewhere nearby the former venue than changing event dates (if the problem is the venue reservation dates, as it seems to be)

Athos Ribeiro


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