Make sure all Fudcon tickets that are not approve are notify of this condition before people start buying tickets thinking they will be reimburse later. ONLY APPROVED TICKETS will be reimbursed if you buy your own ticket.  

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I think that if we start buying tickets we can deal with the process
for FUDCon. There is a 3,000 USD limit for each month. Which means that
either buying or reimbursing tickets will be having this constrain in
the upcoming months.

What I see is that there will be no funds avaliable for Latinoware as
the credit card most likely will be topped with FUDCon expenses and
there will be some tickets pending for reimbursement after FUDCon.

But, hey, that what happens when big events collide.


On Sat, 2016-07-30 at 16:00 -0300, Antonio Sebastian Salles M. wrote:
Hi, I'm lost... We need to buy our flight tickets and later do reimbursement? I think is better buy this flights asap, later cloud be more expensive. Time is money! Hugs. A- El jul. 30, 2016 1:47 PM, "Itamar Reis Peixoto" < .br> escribió:
Neville. I made a clean up in the tickets in latam trac and the tickets that are still open needs reimbursement wJ6vJqQqkfzyL0i_tDmo8TJOXS2R-Wi2fLg/edit?usp=sharing $710.11 in tickets READY to be reimbursed from this amount, $539.61 are from Brazilian tickets. if you're going to buy airfares for fudcon it's recommended to reimburse them now to have the CC with more funds next month. thank you. _______________________________________________ Embajadores-fedora-latam mailing list
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