Heya thank you 4 messaging me back, I did not know if ya got any other messages or if I've brightened yer day :)

So I'm kind of about to leave for a lil bit however I would love to talk with you a lil bit more.

I don't really give random dudes on CL my phone number after just a couple of emails but I'm positive you can understand why.

I do have a page w/ my picture and mobile number on this website however its not public you do a little no cost screening type thing and then you can get it.

That way I'll know you're not a teenager playing around on Craigs list (it HAS happened to me a couple of times) and I'll know you are not a crazy criminal.

Give me a text before you call if you are going to, if only to tell me its you. If you don't text leave a VM and I'll give ya a call if I am unable to answer.

I will be back home in an hour or two and I hope that we'll be able to set a time and place to meet. Tyl