Hi, I would like to change the agenda format for the next EPEL meeting. I have noticed that we can get 1-2 items done per meeting but I have been putting a ton of things on the agenda we haven't gotten to. I would like to focus future meetings on 2 things only. If we get further, great but I would prefer to acknowledge our limitations versus trying to barrel through them.

For this meeting, I would like to do the following:
1) Set Bug Squashing Day.
A) When will it be?
B) What things should be focused on?
C) Who can attend?

2) To be decided.

Since we have a ton of tickets but not a lot of time, I would like to decide what 2nd topic we have at the beginning of the meeting. We can determine future topics at the beginning of the week in the future.

And as a blast from the past...
 EPEL rolling

Email from 2007

Stephen J Smoogen.