At last week's EPEL meeting, it was proposed that at least a short term governing committee be put together to help on the following items:

1) (EPIC or EPEL-rolling, etc)
2) Formalizing various amounts of unwritten rules for package addition, removal and maintenance in current repos.
3) Lower workload on Kevin Fenzi and Dennis Gilmore as they have been EPEL since the last EPSCO was around.

At that meeting the following people were nominated to the committee:

Dennis Gilmore
Kevin Fenzi
Stephen Smoogen
Jim Perrin 

Todays (2014-08-29) meeting this was 'formalized' with people attending the meeting.  Added to that was a beginning proposal of committee governance:

The governance structure will be a short term organization to set up policies and procedues in place for continual maintenance of EPEL. The term of the committee will end 3 months after either new repos are setup or voted not going to happen by said committee. If a longer term running committee is required, the previous board will set up policies for elections and term lengths before the short term committee ends.

After the meeting I realized that wasn't a good deadline so would like to alter it these changes should be completed by the Fedora 22 release date.

Working Motto: We put the SCO in Enterprise Linux

Stephen J Smoogen.