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>> > Is that really true? The Qt 5 package in EPEL 6 has been updated
>> > several times and I don't recall ever seeing an
>> > email/announcement/etc.
>> Were the upgrades incompatible? You have to manually intervene?

> Honestly, on the machines I'm using, I installed 5.2 and haven't updated
> since 5.3 was released because I didn't want to rebuild and re-test all of
> my stuff, but my understanding of the following is that the upgrades are
> not completely compatible:
> http://upstream.rosalinux.ru/versions/qt.html

Fwiw, Qt upstream takes both api and abi stability pretty seriously
(official public interfaces).  If you experience any concrete
incompatibilities after upgrading, it's arguably a bug worth fixing.

Yes, but doesn't the change in the name of the .so require a rebuild?

So we can't speak in circles for a bit longer... what .so are you seeing this happen with. Yes a changed so will break a build so if it is happening then it needs to be looked and dealt with. A library may update itself but not bump the .so 

Stephen J Smoogen.