It has come up in the past about "How can I have a scripted location to install EPEL from." Due to the way that the build system works, there were a couple of ways of doing it that would not work (I know.. I seem to have tried them all while Dennis reminded me how it wouldn't work.)

In the end, we have a script added to the end of the build process which should test to see if the new permanent symlinks is broken and then fixing it so that it points to the right location. From this you should be able to refer to the following in kickstarts etc to get epel installed (if you so want). [1]

* ​

Thank you to Dennis Gilmore for fixing my bash script to work properly and for the random person on IRC who peeved me off on Monday with a "whatever" for me to persevere through our build system :). 

[1] If you are using CentOS, you can refer to it from the Extras distro as it is included and signed with the CentOS keys there. 

Stephen Smoogen, Fedora Project IT