One thing to look out for would be SCL mod_wsgi.  In the SCL world they name it python33-mod_wsgi.  Most modules are %{SCL}-python-%{module}, but mod_wsgi is unique.  To avoid conflicts, the IUS project has committed to using the suffix "u" on our packages going forward (python34u-mod_wsgi).  Are you concerned at all about naming conflicts with SCL packages?

I added the IUS coredev mailing list to the CC line.

Carl George
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On 10 December 2014 at 03:48, Bohuslav Kabrda <> wrote:
Hi all,
I know I've been promising this for quite some time to several people, so I finally managed to put together a proposal for packaging Python 3 in EPEL 7 (it'd also scale to EPEL 6 for that matter).
I've created a wiki page [1] with the proposal and I'd like to hear comments and thoughts on it. There are some TODOs and variants in few places - I'd like to hear your opinions on these, or perhaps suggestions on better approaches.
I'll create new documents with the updated proposal at some points during the discussion, so that people can easily see where the proposal is going without having to compare wiki revisions.

Is there any other list/interested parties that should be put in CC of this mail? If so, please feel free to respond and do that yourself.

THis proposal looks good at first blush. I think the time for retirement of python3X to python3(X+1) can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 months (if that isn't too long).


Slavek Kabrda

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