I am proposing that the EPEL community hold a meeting in #epel on Friday August 22, 2014 16:00:00 UTC to go over various community items:

Suggested topics:

#topic Forking of EPEL packages to a faster moving repository 

a) Proposed name of repository is EPIC
b) What packages stay, which packages go.

#topic Setup and controls for said repository

When do packages update in EPIC repository, how are they announced and where?

#topic Review and cleanup of EPEL policies

There was a problem with several packages being removed which broke other packages. These packages were removed because we have in the past not allow orphaned or non-maintain packages.. but where is this documented.

#topic Open Floor

Place for the meeting will be in #epel

To determine when this meeting occurs in your timezone please type:

date -d '2014-08-22 16:00:00 UTC'


[smooge@seiji ~]$ date -d '2014-08-22 16:00:00 UTC'
Fri Aug 22 10:00:00 MDT 2014

Stephen J Smoogen.