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After some fun hacking and many, many complete rebuilds, I've built and
submitted for testing a version of epel-rpm-macros for EPEL5 which
removes the need for several pieces of RPM junk which have annoyed me
for many years now.

These macros do the following, entirely by "magic" without requiring the
use of any boilerplate or line noise:

*) Provide a BuildRoot: tag if one is not specified.  (The recommend value
    from the EPEL guidelines is used.)

*) Provide Group: tags for the main package and any subpackages which don't
    have one.  The value used is "Unspecified".

*) Automatically provide a %clean section.

*) Automatically delete the %buildroot at the beginning of %install.

*) Allow the use of %license in the %files section (maps to %doc as usual).


Any ETA on rpmlint EL5 update according to this change?

This gets dicey because rpmlint is a RHEL package, not EPEL.

It cannot be found in ftp://ftp.redhat.com/redhat/linux/enterprise/5Client/en/os/SRPMS/ so no, it's not a RHEL package.
It has always been in EPEL

wolfy, former maintainer of rpmlint for EL5 and EL6

For EL5, yes it's an EPEL package, but for EL6 and EL7, it's in the base OS: