On Wed, 7 Apr 2021 at 13:45, Nick Howitt <nick@howitts.co.uk> wrote:
What is the current status of EPEL7 packages for ARM? As far as I can
make out, aarch64 seems to have been frozen in 2019 when RedHad stopped
the architecture support? I also thing there has never been official
armhfp support but the Centos7 armhfp people provide packages
unoficially. Is that correct?

Yes we tried to extend support by having the aarch64 to use the CentOS repositories but koji does not like differing src.rpms names to determine what to pull into a build root. This meant that builds for all platforms would fail because of aarch64 package names being 'different enough'. At this point the only way for aarch64 and armhfp for EPEL would be for the CentOS project to compile those packages.


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