RHEL 8.7 was released earlier this week.  Among other things, it has an updated qt5 that needed many KDE packages to be rebuilt.  In addition, it is time for the yearly major update of KDE Plasma Desktop for epel8.

If you would like to test the KDE update, or if you are having troubles updating to RHEL 8.7 due to qt5 dependency issues, simply enable the epel-testing repo to get the update.

  dnf --enablerepo=epel-testing update

This will get you:
qt5 5.15.3
plasma 5.24.6
kf5 5.96
apps 22.04 / 21.12 (Mostly)

Note1: There are seven packages still giving me trouble.  They are not critical and should be in epel-testing by Monday.
Note2: This is the last major update of KDE Plasma Desktop for epel8.
There are many older libraries in RHEL 8 that are preventing us from updating it to the next version of plasma.  This is not Red Hat's fault, but simply the nature of an Enterprise release.
We will continue to provide security and critical bug fixes, but no major updates.

Troy Dawson