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I am wanting to contribute to the Fedora community (beyond getting help from the Fedora user's list).  I'm looking for a good fit to my interests, experience, and training.  I'm hoping this list can help. I've looked at “http://whatcanidoforfedora.org/” and “https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Join”; they do not help enough.

I'm wanting to do algorithm design and development (coding).  I'd seriously want to avoid maintenance and support.  I'd like to work with meteorology, math, and physical science / engineering.  I also like rather low-level work like parsing, encoding and decoding, and working at the bit and byte level.  I also do well with control logic.

I have over 25 years working with software.  My primary languages and “level”  are:
* C++ (high intermediate, not quite advanced);
* C (intermediate);
* FORTRAN-77 (high intermediate).
I worked 6+ years for NASA contractors on aerospace applications, and 18+ years for NOAA (mostly the National Weather Service) contractors on meteorology applications.  I have good experience with decoders (for example “BUFR”) and self-mapping file types (for example netCDF and BUFR).  I do not have significant GUI experience, and would prefer to avoid such work.

I have B.S. degrees in Computer Science, Math, and Physics, all in 1979.  I've also completed all courses needed for an M.S. degree in Atmospheric Science (though I did not complete the degree).

So what opportunities does Fedora have that are a good fit for me?

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Sachin S. Kamath