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El mar., 24 jul. 2018 a las 16:37, Justin W. Flory (<jflory7@gmail.com>) escribió:
Hi Flock 2018 attendees!

For the third year, I'd like to announce the International Candy Swap at
Flock 2018; if you are interested in participating, please email me
(jwf@fedoraproject.org) with your name, your FAS account, what country
you will bring candies from, and any food allergies you have.

For the past two Flocks, we have a tradition of bringing and exchanging
candies from around the world with other Fedora community members. Learn
something about your fellow community members and indulge in some yummy
sweets at the same time! One evening of the conference, we will gather
for about an hour, while everyone lays out what they brought and explain
what we brought before trying them.

In the past, we've had German chocolates, American salt water taffy,
French fruit candies, Czech/European coconut Fidorkas, homemade Indian
sweets, Swedish sour candies, and Australian chocolate koala bears. I
can't wait to see what we will gather this year!

A list of participants and countries will be maintained here, leading up
to Flock:


If you want to participate, start looking for any unique candies you can
pack with you on your journey now. :-) Please email me at
jwf@fedoraproject.org with your name, FAS username, what country you
will bring sweets from, and any food allergies.

Looking forward to seeing you in Dresden!

Justin W. Flory

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Luis Enrique Bazán De León