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> Eventbrite
> Eventbrite's system is used by other open source events and is able to work with RH accounting.  The primary thing it brings to the table is that it aggregates all funds into a single transaction.  Paypal, Stripe, and other transaction-oriented systems do not do that.
> Does anyone have any other alternatives that should be considered.  The ones mentioned in the thread last year all were transaction-oriented and didn't meet our accounting needs.  We are going to be announcing and opening registration soon, so I need to get this resolved.

Pretix[0] is FLOSS (they also provide a hosted solution) and according
to their support when using them with Stripe it is possible to disable
automatic payouts but only do one big manual payout. AFAIU this would
result in one big transaction to the Red Hat account. They also seem to
be a little bit cheaper than Eventbrite, they have great support and
they handle big events such as the Chaos Communication Congress.

Sounds good.  I will find out from RH Treasury if we can wire up a Stripe account in time.  I'll report back with our situation.  I don't know how to predict the likely outcome so I won't try :D.



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[0] https://pretix.eu/about/en/
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