Im a vegetarian and have been to many confs... i took pictures of a bunch of my previous badges from confs as "research" for what we might need and noticed quite a few had my dietary requests on them. The rationale being, sometimes ppl wo restrictions eat the special order food and the folks with the restrictions end up with nothing to eat.

How are the food ordering and dietary restrictions being handled (eg bagged lunches and when theyre gone thats it? Or made to order - less of an issue.) We are collecting dietary info in the registration iirc so just wondering what we actually do w it and if we care it's on the badge. If it needs to be on the badge then we can certainly handle discreetly (colored stickers on back placed during reg for example.) If not, we dont plan for it.

Does anybody know the food situation?


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One issue we have up front is that we think it's important to include
the "get help" info on the back of the badge. Rochester Flock had Ruth,
Josh, and Tom's cell phone numbers and emails. Are they still the people
to list for help, or are there other people we should be listing as
those who can help?
What kind of help would that mean? Probably you can consider adding
me to that list, if you don't mind.

Back of Badge Essentials:
- link to schedule
- "Get Help" info (#flock-help, phone numbers / emails)
- conference website ( already has a link to, maybe it's enough
to put only

Other possible data to include:
- Meal selection (special dietary needs?)
Are you sure that meal selection should be displayed public and
permanently? I guess the people with special needs will choose whatever
they need, optionally may tell somebody what they want or ask about the
ingredients when taking food. Probably no need to show this information
on the badge.

+1 ... speaking as someone who has a dietary restriction, I definitely
prefer keeping it to myself unless it is necessary to discuss it. If the
data was encoded or something (like in a bar code or something) and it
made it easier to "get lunch" that would be fine. But I don't think we
are doing something quite that complicated ;)


Otherwise it's OK.



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