On Thu., 13 Apr. 2017 at 8:05 am, Máirín Duffy <duffy@redhat.com> wrote:

T-shirts are $6-7/piece toget printed (Plus shipping. I'm willing to do
local pickup to save $.) For 250 peoplethat is $1500-1750:at least one
fully funded Flock attendee, no?

Idea: TakeT-shirt orders up front during registration, and use the fund
as a way to sponsor an additional contributor. Charge $10/shirt and if
only 100 people out of 250 bought a shirt, that's still $1k, close
enough to mostly fund a contributor. Folks buying a t-shirt for a
reasonable cost also get to feel good about helping another contributor
get to Flock.

Just an idea, anyway. And now you know what T-shirt pricing / budget
would be if we decide to fully cover them. T-shirts are going to need at
least 4 weeks turnaround assuming design is ready to go (it is not right
now)and we know quantities/ sizes (we couldn't know until reg is
finished.) I recommend closing registration for people who want a
T-shirt by July 10.

I priced out stickersheets for Fedora badges. The best bet I think is a
5"x7" sheet of multiple KISS cut stickers; $0.62/sheet; for a run of
500, $312 + free shipping (see
https://ethercalc.com/flock-swag-pricing-2017 )

IIRC, last year Unixstickers/stickermule were sponsors, and their sticker sheets were in the swag area. Not sure if that was part of the sponsorship, but they were there. 



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