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> On 06/17/2016 10:16 PM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> > On 06/17/2016 10:28 AM, Brian (bex) Exelbierd wrote:
> >> Hi All,
> >>
> >> Rafal, Filip and I have been working hard on the evening
> >> activities.
> >>
> >> The current proposal is the following:
> >>
> >> 2 August - Game Night at the Hotel and a City Tour 3 August - 3
> >> hour dinner cruise (200 ppl) 4 August - Buffet Dinner and Beer
> >> tasting at Browar Lubicz
> >>
> >> We would like to hear you feedback on these?  Do we need all
> >> three evenings to have an activity?  Essentially we have a
> >> choice.  If we cancel either the cruise or the brewery we can
> >> shift 6-8 thousand dollars ($6000 - $8000) into the travel
> >> subsidy budget.  Would you rather have one activity and a
> >> greater subsidy budget or 2 activities?
> >
> > Let's assume for the moment that we made the upper end of that
> > ($8000) into a travel subsidy. Do we have numbers on the average
> > cost of a subsidy? Would this enable us to subsidize five
> > additional travelers? Ten? Twenty? I think that makes a difference.
> > If it enables us to get a lot more people to the conference who
> > would like to attend, then there's real value in that. However, if
> > cost of travel and lodging is so high that it's a minimal
> > difference (say, five or fewer additional subsidies), then it's
> > probably worth it to keep the activities instead.
> Attending Flock is always a really nice experience so we should try
> our best to give more chances to more people.

We are allocating around *half* of the budget to getting people to the conference as it is, which I'd say is more than ample.

> With approx. 1k per person, we can give chances to 6-8 additional
> active contributors allover the world.

Though this may be true, this is why we hold and sponsor major regional events around the world. To put it in perspective, that is nearly *half* the budget of an entire FUDCon APAC, up to 80% of a FUDCon LATAM, or enough budget potentially for two reasonably sized FADs. Or we can get half a dozen people travel to Flock.

Remy, may I remind you at this point that we reserved 4k in the regional budget. We have to find a way how to deal with it, so far APAC community has not talked about how to distribute it. The best I think at this point is that we pay the hotel out of that for the APAC speakers. What you think?

Flock is meant to be the EMEA/NA Fedora regional event, and there are FUDCon events in APAC and LATAM for those regions. We alternate the location of Flock to help *reduce* the highest costs, travel.

We go through this conversation every year. Flying the entire community into one location is not the most cost effective regional strategy. We think strategically and carefully about the guidelines used to allocate the limited amount of travel funding available. We have run some rough numbers on merging the FUDCon budgets with the Flock budget, and have concluded that it wouldn't be as cost-effective as running multiple events regionally.

If folks want to create a bid or proposal for one gigantic global conference in 2017, then by all means, post it to the wiki, but know that that strategy would increase the logistical concerns significantly, and we depend on local community leads to help shoulder that extra organizing and logistical burden.

If we're lucky, our speakers and workshop leads who need funding will get covered, without which there wouldn't be enough content to build a conference around. Funding for non-speaking attendees is always scarce, and the best way to scale that would be to scale our number of sponsors, and we're getting towards the end of the window of time for that this year.

It breaks my heart that we cannot bring every single amazing contributor to Flock, and the planning team is doing the best we can to stretch the budget as far as we can to include as many people as possible, I swear. Thank you to the local leads and volunteers helping us figure this out.

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