ShowClix would allow payment gateways (, beanstream, cybersource global payment, firstdata, paypal, and stripe).

I believe Eventbrite does only paypal and

Steven M. Miano

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Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:32:21 +0100
Subject: Registration Engine for Flock
From: Brian Exelbierd <>
Hi All,

As we learned last year, using Paypal for our collection of the voluntary registration fees proved to be a problem for our RH based accounting.  I have been trying to find alternatives for this during the intervening period and have only one.


Eventbrite's system is used by other open source events and is able to work with RH accounting.  The primary thing it brings to the table is that it aggregates all funds into a single transaction.  Paypal, Stripe, and other transaction-oriented systems do not do that.

Does anyone have any other alternatives that should be considered.  The ones mentioned in the thread last year all were transaction-oriented and didn't meet our accounting needs.  We are going to be announcing and opening registration soon, so I need to get this resolved.


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