We did try to do this--actually the other bid was to do it in Strasbourg after GUADEC, but the university wasn't able to accommodate us, and we didn't find an alternate space. We're trying to accommodate everyone's date preferences, which obviously is impossible. The current hitch is available days at the university. We should know for certain very soon, but it should be within that week after GUADEC.

On Jan 15, 2014 8:40 AM, "Marina Zhurakhinskaya" <marinaz@redhat.com> wrote:

It would be great if Flock was compatible with GUADEC for travel from the US, and Saturday, August 2 to Tuesday, August 5 would be ideal for that. GUADEC usually has several days of talks followed by several days of birds of feather sessions and hackfests. The Red Hat team meeting usually takes place during these final days, not afterwards. With GUADEC scheduled Saturday, July 26 to Friday, August 1, it would not be a big deal for people interested in attending Flock to travel in the afternoon of August 1. On the other hand, capturing both weekend days would be helpful to Flock in attracting hobbyist attendees.

I looked into travel options for Strasbourg to Prague to make sure this trip can be accomplished on Friday afternoon. Both itineraries I found are significantly cheaper if booked as round-trips. There is one direct flight for $276. As far as non-direct options available, in seems best to take a bus to Frankfurt operated by Lufthansa and a flight from there to Prague for $240. The bus can be booked as part of the flight itinerary or on its own. The information about the bus is at http://www.lufthansa.com/online/portal/lh/us/info_and_services/from_to_airport?nodeid=3163668 .

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