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One issue we have up front is that we think it's important to include the "get help" info on the back of the badge. Rochester Flock had Ruth, Josh, and Tom's cell phone numbers and emails. Are they still the people to list for help, or are there other people we should be listing as those who can help?

I don't mind being listed, and I'm sure neither of them do either. Listing the entire Flock team at this point would be madness. :-D FWIW, nobody has ever used those numbers or emailed us for help. Which isn't to say I'm opposed to keeping it, but it hasn't been critical. 
- Attendee class (speaker / attendee / organizer? color-coded?)

We generally have designed this in in some fashion. 
We're planning to have the badges of registered attendees pre-printed, and have some blank badges that can be filled out with marker at the event. So whomever is running registration will need a sharpie (and potentially blank labels in case sharpies don't stick to the badge lamination.)

Assume you'll need 40-50 blanks based on past experience. 

If you want the hard plastic ones from last year, I ordered them here: http://www.rockstarpasses.com