Greetings! Several of us have been discussing doing an NYC meetup over spring break. In addition to students, we would also like to invite any alums who would like to come (and discuss what they're involved in), even if just meeting for tea/food, however, you're welcome to join us for more than that :)

I happen to live in the tri-state area, so having reasonable accommodations is an option. Since people are making their travel plans, I would ask that you please respond as soon as (reasonably) possible to express interest (you don't need to make a commitment yet, but we need numbers).

RITlug goes until 6pm on Friday, so the plan would be as follows:
With regards to transportation and accommodations:
  • Currently, we have a couple people who have cars and are willing to drive there, but depending on how many people want to come we may need additional drivers. Gas money would be split evenly between the people in the car.
  • Due to proximity to the NYC area, there are plenty of airports, as well as access to Amtrak, at the end of the trip.
  • I live about an hour and a half away from the city in Connecticut. We have plenty of room for people, both in number and allowing each gender to have their own space. The caveat is that in order to justify allowing people in my house I need to know you in person (although many of you meet this requirement from RITlug/FOSS hours, if this part concerns you just find me).

Christian Martin (Phone)