Howdy FOSS Family!

I have another book out that looks at some darker aspects of the web and how they manipulate us—Deepfakes, habit-forming features, interest targeting, and more. They're topics that are especially relevant now, as we're paying more attention to how the Internet affects our thinking while we look towards the next U.S. elections.

If those are topics that interest you, you can get more details about the book (e-book available in most online stores, and paperback from Amazon) at It's DRM-free (where possible) and under a Creative Commons license.

If you're not so interested in the book but those are things that interest you, there are some good resources from the ACLU, EFF, and ProPublica. If you want to do some of your own reading, I'm happy to share my sources to get you started too.

Nate Levesque
RIT Software Engineering '16