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[freeipa PR#1441][opened] Removing ipaCert Private key & certificate after ipa upgrade
by amitkumar50
1 month, 1 week
[freeipa PR#919][opened] Using Augeas to configure krb5.conf
by Tiboris
1 month, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#2291][opened] Update CA signing certificate default key size to 4096
by abbra
3 months, 3 weeks
[freeipa PR#1726][opened] [RFE] IPA server installation with successful message
by amitkumar50
4 months, 3 weeks
[freeipa PR#2163][opened] Make ipaclient.csrgen optional
by tiran
4 months, 3 weeks
[freeipa PR#1843][opened] Allow issuing certificates with IP addresses in subjectAltName (ftweedal)
by frasertweedale
5 months, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#1883][opened] ipactl: Correction of named to named-pkcs11
by amitkumar50
5 months, 3 weeks
[freeipa PR#2306][opened] Test package installation suggetion being prompt
by mrizwan93
8 months, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#2144][opened] [WIP] Find active servers
by tiran
8 months, 4 weeks
[freeipa PR#2312][opened] Support the 1.4.x 389-DS Python installer
by tiran
9 months, 1 week
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