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[freeipa PR#5690][opened] Add pkey_only to the service_find calls in the host plugin
by rcritten
2 hours, 51 minutes
[freeipa PR#5566][opened] WebUI: test_user_caless: test if user is enabled
by miskopo
5 hours, 14 minutes
[freeipa PR#5652][opened] Add basic support for subordinate user/group ids
by tiran
7 hours, 25 minutes
[freeipa PR#5388][opened] Better mod_wsgi configuration
by tiran
1 week, 2 days
[freeipa PR#5556][opened] ipatests: various enhancement to hidden replica tests
by fcami
2 weeks, 1 day
[freeipa PR#5691][opened] Also use uglifyjs on CentOS Stream 8
by carlwgeorge
2 weeks, 1 day
[freeipa PR#5641][opened] ipatests: Test to check ipa-healthcheck tool displays warning when run on ipa-client
by menonsudhir
2 weeks, 1 day
[freeipa PR#5688][opened] ipatests: collect PKI config files and NSSDB
by flo-renaud
2 weeks, 1 day
[freeipa PR#5689][opened] hbacrule: reduce number of LDAP searches during deletion
by antoniotorresm
2 weeks, 2 days
FreeIPA 4.9.3 released
by Alexander Bokovoy
2 weeks, 2 days
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