Hi all,

Python 3 porting of FreeIPA is almost finishing. If you want to try and help development of FreeIPA in Python 3, feel free to do the following:

1) run installation (or the 'ipa') scripts with Python 3 like so: `python3 -bb /path/to/script`. You can find most if not all installation scripts in /usr/sbin directory. The "-bb" switch allows detection of using string/bytes instances incorrectly (for details, see help/man).

2) run the server in Python 3. To do that, you just simply install python3-mod_wsgi on your system and then restart the httpd service (if you've previously installed IPA, otherwise you should be fine to just install it without restarting anything).

You want to be doing this on at least Fedora 26 since it contains the latest version of python-ldap. Please report any issues you might encounter.

Happy hacking,