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Refering to this bit of older post,

What now the difference between a One-way or Two-Way Trust anyway....? The docs are not too clear abut it:

" Two-way trust enables AD users and groups to access resources in IdM. However, the two-way trust in IdM does not give the users any additional rights compared to the one-way trust solution in AD. Both solutions are considered equally secure because of default cross-forest trust SID filtering settings"

What a use-case for using a Two-Way Trust? (since Windows cannot use IPA as a AD replacement)

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Onderwerp: [Freeipa-users] Re: Is IPA-AD two-way trust really two-way?
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On to, 23 elo 2018, Michal Sladek via FreeIPA-users wrote:

I would like to use IPA server in heterogeneous environment with Linux servers and Windows workstations.
IPA domain would be used as a primary source of users and groups.
AD domain would be used for management of Widows hosts only (group policies etc.).

I have setup a test network with two-trust between AD and IPA domain
and realized, that IPA domain sees AD users but AD domain doesn't see
IPA users. Am I missing something or the two-way trust is not two-way
in fact?
It is two-way in principle. However, FreeIPA does not implement features
required by AD DC to resolve IPA users on Windows workstations. It is on
our long term roadmap.

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Red Hat Limited, Finland
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