Please Help!

Running FreeIPA 4.5.4 under Centos 7.

We have 3 FreeIPA replicas called auth01, auth02, and auth03.  All are masters.  Auth02 and Auth03 replicate to / from Auth01 only.

Auth01 is DOWN.

When I try to start it, here is what I see:

# ipactl start
Existing service file detected!
Assuming stale, cleaning and proceeding
Starting Directory Service
Failed to read data from service file: Unknown error when retrieving list of services from LDAP: [Errno 22] Invalid argument
Shutting down

I’m not seeing anything obvious in the logs files, no am I finding anything interesting on that error message via google. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this, please?

Zachery Wolfinger

Infrastructure Engineer

(800) 595-4401

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