Hi Pravin,

Thank you for copying me on this email. Setting up of the introductory course would be really useful for new comers and happy to help.
Please let me know if anything else is required.

Anish P.

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>Hi All,
>    Next Tuesday is System-wide change submission deadline. [1] As we
>decided last week, proposing meeting tomorrow to make sure all our
>changes [2] get ready before it.
>    If there are any more idea, please upload to ticket. For trans we
>already have ticket at [3]
Hi, looks good !

Can you please give here a one or two-lines description of these specific ideas ? I'd like to contribute in this, but i'm not sure if it is a repeat or not.

. Introductory course for starting localization with Fedora

This idea was proposed by Anish Patil (FAS: anishpatil) in G11N FAD during November 2015. Idea is to start introductory course on OpenLearning.com. Anish is working there presently and mentioned he would like to help there. i.e. If we provide content to him, he can help to clean up and make them suitable for format of openlearning.

I wanted to propose this to council also sometime. May be good to start with L10N/Translation first and gradually build Fedora syllable (very optimistic).
Best Regards,
Pravin Satpute