Hi all,

   And we have it booked in flock schedule. https://flock2016.sched.org/event/7s2z/g11n-meetup  Do subscribe to it :)
  We are anyhow going to meet during our talk on 1st and 2nd day, so we can definitely discuss on things. 3rd day this time we will utilise to finalize issue and how to move forward.


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I vote for slot #2


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Yes, its possible we need to identify member we suppose to reach and then we can schedule meeting.
I think Noriko already had one meeting with Docs guys in DevConf, so she can again help here.
For Infra Patrick is very helpful.
For Website i am not sure whom to contact.

For Hubs and DevPortal i think Remy can help. Since most of these people will be involved in some or other thing, if we schedule in advance there is good chance to have this meeting.


I completed this page : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/Meetup_Flock_2016 with topics

1. do you understand and share the topics ?

Yes, LGTM 

2. what is the next step ? propose teams for meetings ? how do you find rooms/schedule ?

Plan looks much better now. Its going to happen. (Hope i will get VISA in time)
From scheduling perspective. Its easy to find place but still better to get it officially from flock-organizers. (I will drop an email once we fix timing)

My suggestions: [*]
Slot 1:  3rd August 4:30-6:30 (We might need to skip talks) Or We can even do it from 05:30-06:30 (1hr)

Here though there is chance of missing some important things, i think we must meet for 1hr. Please provide your opinion.

Slot 2: 4th August 03:30-5:30 This looks more better since, good chance of getting more participants.

If there is no objection, i will propose slot here to flock-staff and book room for us.

Slot 3: 5th Aug 03:30-5:30 is also best one.

Lets decide about this on the spot.
In between schedule in update with social events now.