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Yes, its possible we need to identify member we suppose to reach and then we can schedule meeting.
I think Noriko already had one meeting with Docs guys in DevConf, so she can again help here.
For Infra Patrick is very helpful.
For Website i am not sure whom to contact.

For Hubs and DevPortal i think Remy can help. Since most of these people will be involved in some or other thing, if we schedule in advance there is good chance to have this meeting.


I completed this page : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/Meetup_Flock_2016 with topics

1. do you understand and share the topics ?

Yes, LGTM 

2. what is the next step ? propose teams for meetings ? how do you find rooms/schedule ?

Plan looks much better now. Its going to happen. (Hope i will get VISA in time)
From scheduling perspective. Its easy to find place but still better to get it officially from flock-organizers. (I will drop an email once we fix timing)

My suggestions: [*]
Slot 1:  3rd August 4:30-6:30 (We might need to skip talks) Or We can even do it from 05:30-06:30 (1hr)

Here though there is chance of missing some important things, i think we must meet for 1hr. Please provide your opinion.

Slot 2: 4th August 03:30-5:30 This looks more better since, good chance of getting more participants.

If there is no objection, i will propose slot here to flock-staff and book room for us.

Slot 3: 5th Aug 03:30-5:30 is also best one.

Lets decide about this on the spot.
In between schedule in update with social events now.