I've been struggling for some days on fedora25 to get gssproxy to work.

After a long time I decided to try this on centos73 to see if I was doing it wrong.

After a minimal install and joining it to the ipa domain the gssproxy was working flawless.

After checking for the oompthied time for typos and possible kvno errors in the keytabs I can say that the configuration that works flawlessly on centos73 does not work on fedora25.

I first wondered if autofs and gssproxy wouldn't play nice together, but it seems
I have been fighting this bug on centos73 and fedora24/25:
Any idea when the fix will be released ?

So after disabling autofs on centos and adding the mount to /etc/fstab the gssproxy started to work flawlessly.

Also on a side note for nfs-idmapd : Method = sss seems to work a lot better for me than Method = nsswitch

Any idea how to start to determine why gssproxy is broken on fedora 25 ?

Rob Verduijn