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Last week, Saturday, 11 August 2013, Fedora Indonesia[1] was successfully organize FAD Padang 2012 at  BLC Telkom Padang Venue.
This is was the first FAD in Indonesia since Fedora Community in Indonesia at 2008, so after we make changes with the new and active contributor we start to figure out to create more Fedora event in Indonesia to spread Fedora spirit in Indonesia.
This FAD is not only all about FAD but also we combine with Release Event, Installfest and Geek Fasting Break at the end of event. Here our full schedule[2]
We have 15 crew and volunteers, they are also Fedora Indonesia Contributor (we got help from Local LUG, like KPLI-Kelompok Pengguna Linux Indonesia[3] and Indonesia Backtrack Team[4]) to make sure the event run successfully and 4 speakers who gives talk/workshop/discussion/demo, 2 of them are from Fedora Contributor, me(jurank_dankkal)[5] and Michel Alexander Salim(salimma)[6], and another else are from LUG-KPLI.
Our participant who are register on the web around 162 but the folks who are coming around 90, although in the month of Ramadan and the holiday atmosphere of the school, but the participants still follow the spirit of the event start from 9am until at the ends of event 8pm who covered with geek fasting break.

Here the things that we discovered, learn, and some advises/suggestions during FAD Padang 2012 :
This event also publish in Media Local and National Indonesia (coming soon) :
Our recent stuff/project that we continue during FAD Padang 2012 :
Our planning future after FAD Padang 2012 :

Thanks to Logistic team for the photo, photo are in my fb gallery[11]
Full report in my website[14] and Fedora Indonesia portal[13]

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