| erm, Hate text ? What are you speaking about ? ...ah, you confused it with the truth ! Just closing your eyes to the very real |problems in this country doesn't automatically make them go away. Saying that we live in a great country where anything like |what the text mentioned just doesn't exist or is false or hateful doesn't change jack s**t ! I, for one, applaud the direct 'un-minced' |words in that announcement. That said ...

Dear Steve

I completely agree with what Kushal Das said, There is a need to rephrase some part of it....

Lets take some part of report.....

>India is a backward country
India is not a backward country...its developing Country

>in which majority of the people are illiterate

Literacy rate in India was 74.04 % in 2011 that leaves 25.96 % illiterate...now is this a majority ??  

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    maybe having something similar to addressing the issue of Women in Tech or
    for that matter ever LGBT contribution to tech would've made sense ...

contribution is contribution. how does lgbt contribution to tech make any sense
at all?

What I intended to convey in the text that you snipped is that LGBT contribution to tech would've made more sense in this context (of the event) than just Issues around LGBT culture in India at a Fedora event !

- steve

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