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> We have a next python sprint coming soon, where we are going to implement
> one of the goal (a tool which will list all the easy fixes of all the
> projects at one place) and will be helping others to implement their own
> project ideas.

Can you point out the list/page where the design/idea is being discussed?

The idea regarding the tool will be discussed on the 30th May python pune meetup.
> Here : " Below is the upcoming plan of 3 month meetup i.e from May, 2015 to
> July, 2015." from
> http://chandankumar.dgplug.org/posts/event-report-april-python-pune-meetup-26th-april-2015.html


"Workshop/Talk on Flask, Data Analytics, Automation using selinium and
Robots and Security
Hackathon - Craft your idea into a real program and contribute to your
favorite upstream OpenSource Python project."

For the topic which includes Automation using Selenium, have you been
able to assess whether any FedoraQA work can benefit from the shared
learning and implementation?

Right now no, i will contact the FedoraQA team to find where we can use Automation using Selenium.

The title/explanation of the hackathon
seems a bit self-contradicting. You either turn an idea into an actual
implementation or, you participate in an existing upstream project.
What am I missing in that description?

For hackathon, we are planning both the things:
[1.] If one does not have a project idea, can contribute to existing upstream project
[2.] If one has idea, but confused how to turn idea into an actual implementation, we can help there.


Chandan Kumar