Hi guys,
I hope all is well.

I am writing in regards to something I had written about two months ago.
This in regards to the search engine.


I think we need to seriously fix this thing once and for all.

I am looking at designing a solution for us.
I however would like to start from the basics.
We will need to look at the solutions that are present at the current time.
This should allow us to critic and analyse them.

I will then take this issue into the meeting for voting and whatever is decided is what I shall implement.

Kindly do advice if you have any pointers on this project.
I however must be honest and say it will take me about 2 months to complete when i start because I have a day job elsewhere.
This does not mean I will not want assistance. As always assistance is highly appreciated.

I hope this will be fruitful so we can close this once and for all. Or should I say until we need a revision done.

Kind Regards,

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twitter: Frankie.onuonga
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