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vipin kumar <vipinkumar41@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi again,
> I will be glad if someone can help me getting started towards however
> small but high quality contribution to fedora. I have read many
> fedora wiki pages about getting started and still exploring to get
> familiar with environment.

We have a list of 'easyfix' tickets at:

Take a look at the applications there and see if any of those tickets
interest you.

I'm going through the list.

> I'm a Linux user since Redhat 9. To begin with, I have chosen Smolt
> application in fedora.

Smolt is going to be retired soon. ;(

However, there is a replacement on the horizon, a project called
'census'. https://fedorahosted.org/census/browser

That's unfortunate but as someone said "everything happens for a good reason."

I'm sure census folks would love to have help... I can put you in touch
if you are interested.

sure, if 'census' team is ready to take me in. I would love to join them :).
I chose that application because it had no maintainer and tools and technologies used were similar under Fedora-Infrastructure sub-project.

> Later I will expand my scope to create
> application for Automated-Trading in Fedora. Yet another work will
> focus on running non-native applications with full charm in Fedora
> (ex- Age of Empires - II the conquerors, I love this game :P). My
> TODO list is not limited to these works. I would like to work towards
> making Fedora easier to use for normal users as well as developers by
> building the tools and utilities, and creating new applications to
> make Fedora development faster and smoother process.

Great. Many of those sound like standalone applications. You should be
able to develop them as normal and get them reviewed and shipped with
Fedora (provided licensing and such is acceptable).
I hope so.

> looking forward to hear from you guys :)...cheers...
> Thanks & Regards,

Welcome again. Look forward to talking with you.

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Thanks & Regards,
Vipin K.