> > Hi fedora!
> > I'm Alessio and i'm an Italian webmaster. I ask you now sorry for my bad
> > english!
> > I'm interesting to help the fedore project as a webmaster, developing
> > the websites and administrating it. But i'm interested to joint into Infrastructure group before
> > My experiences:
> > I worked a freelance webmaster for 3 years (and i'm working now),
> > developing many different websites from e-commerces to blogs.
> > 90% of websites that i developed were in PHP/MySQL language. This is the
> > first language that i learned and i used (and i use).
> > I know also (basic) C/C++, HTML, Perl, Python. I'm not a designer!! :P
> > I managed many websites (personal and company websites), i have a good
> > experience with many opensource CMS like Wiki, PHPnuke, Joomla,
> > osCommerce, OpenCommercio...and much more!
> > I worked for 2 years (parallament to these) in the Domains and Hosting
> > sector. I worked for 2 hosting companies as a PHP developer (first) and
> > a System Administrator. I have a good expericence with Cpanel, Plesk
> > panel and other server panels, linux systems (server), ssh and linux
> > server applications (ftp, dns applications...).
> > I used Fedora, CentOS, RedHat and Ubuntu as linux system. I have also a
> > Windows experience (I used and i'm using Windows 2000, Windows ME,
> > Windows XP and Windows Vista).
> > I have also a little experience in the game developing sector.
> >
> > My fedora account username is apocaliv.
> > I hope that i can help the fedora project and the fedora infrastructure group.
> > I wait your answer.
Best Regards

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