Hi Everybody,

I've been following the infra group for a while now, I am interested in joining the sysadmin-hosted FIG at the moment, since it seems as a nice "entry point" to all the infra madness I've seen so far :)
I'd like to join some other FIGs in the future (web and dba seem to be like my kind of thing) but at the moment my time and n00bness in all fedora-infra related things keep me from doing so.
I've done web development for about 8 years now, I've coded in java, php, python. I've done a fair amount of sysadmin-related stuff such as installation and support, a lot of shell scripting, a good deal of python scripting, little perl and ruby. I've served almost equal parts of SCM, RelEng, Web and DBA stuff (hence my interest in joining those particular groups).
A side question, is there a particular TODO/wish/bug list for each FIG? I couldn't figure out if there's any, and having jotted down the pending tasks somewhere may attract more people to join the infra group because there would be clear tasks to be done and someone would certainly say "hey, I can do that".
Anyway, thanks and I'll start bugging^W asking around people from the hosted FIG to see what tasks a n00b like me can do :)

Jorge A Gallegos <kad@blegh.net>