Hi Fortunato,

My name is Gianmarco and i'm from Milan ;) Welcome!

2012/3/11 Fortu Gmail <fortunato.fusca@gmail.com>
Hello everyone,
My name is Fortunato Fuscą and I'm from Turin, Italy. I'm familiar with Fedora and *nix system.
I  would like to contribute with this team. I don't have much experience with writing code and
system administration, but it is something that I'm willing to learn.
I'm studying computer engineering and i'm very concerned with system administration.
I'm look at:http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/GettingStarted
andI would like to  participate and contribute  with your team.
I would like  to have  detailed information  on how to participate  and when  you meet  on #fedora-admin.
Thank you.

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