On Wed, 22 Apr 2020 at 11:18, Timothée Floure <timothee.floure@posteo.net> wrote:

Took a bit more time than expected due to other and more local
priorities on my side. The basic structure is there and usable, and
indexing seemed work quite well before CommunityShift (hence yacy) went

        * Main page: https://fnux.ch/fedpkg/public_html/
        * Crawler entrypoint: https://fnux.ch/fedpkg/public_html/crawler-entrypoint.html
        * Package page: https://fnux.ch/fedpkg/public_html/pkgs/qutebrowser/

Everything lives on https://pagure.io/fedora-packages-static, and
contains the TODO-list (epel-8, flatpaks & containers, dependencies,
etc.).  CommunityShift will be back earlier than I initially thought,
and I hope to find some time to complete some of the TODO tasks by then.

This is cool, thanks for working on this. How long does it take for the `make all` command to complete ? ( I am just curious compared to the current solution :-) )

Feedback, green light, whether it looks good enough to replace the
current app, or anything you think relevant is welcome. The only
dependencies are python3-requests and python3-jinja2 and there is no
flying parts since it is a static website: we should not hit dead
dependency issues ever again (or the package app will be the least of
our problems!).

I think we should look at deploying this service once communishift is back online. Also since the current application will go down during the data center move switching to this service instead of bringing back up the old code base seems to me like an interesting way forward.


Have a nice day,

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