I don't see the-new-hotness anywhere. Will it be deployed together with Anitya?


On 27/05/2020 00:22, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
Greetings everyone. 

We now have most things deployed in our new datacenter (IAD2). 

Accordingly, I would like to get some testing and validation started.

Please see the following document:


Please feel free to ask questions here and add/check off services that
appear to be running as expected. Application owners (people in
sysadmin-whatever groups) should check that they have the expected level
of access as before, that their playbooks run (idempotently!) and the
logs and any interfaces show the application appears to be running fine. 

We have this week and next to get everything in good shape for migration
week (20202-06-08) when we will moving everything out of phx2. 

Thanks for any help. :) 


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