the below is all still accurate. I got swamped with RL issues earlier this year.
I'm planning to be around more this fall and would like to help some.
Just wanted to send a bump for this intro

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 8:08 PM, Chris Johnson <> wrote:
Hi all,

I've been lurking on the mailing list for a while and I finally
registered for my fedora account today (username: chrisj)
I'm interested in helping out as time permits. I got on irc once
(lurking again) and haven't really logged in since. I'll try to make a
few meetings after the holidays
I'm planning to get my personal test systems setup soon. I just moved
and still getting things straight at home. Bought a 750GB drive last
night and will be installing F10 over the weekend. I had been running
the U... distro and it's time to get back to the fedora/RH rpm way of
doing things :-)

I've used RedHat since before Fedora existed (I think 6 was the first
one). Started as a hobbyist, 2 years. Then got a job as an admin and
have been doing Linux admin and Cisco networks for the last 5 years.
My current employer is a  Win shop so I just get to run the DNS,
email, and network, but the network is 50 remote offices and 3
different data centers in the midwest. I don't mind the Windows too
much and can find my way around them, it's also kinda fun to get the
Linux and MS products to play nice together. I've worked with a lot of
different linux and OSS software products including: postfix,
openldap, apache, bind, samba, mailman, pam, built some custom rpm's,
etc. I use RHEL mostly at work and some fedora and Cent for testing
(some suse, deb, and slackware in the past). I used to do lots of
security firewall apliances with various linux distros (I was a big
fan of LRP when it would fit on a floppy), most of this is now done
with Cisco in my world. I can shell script pretty well and I've
written several perl scripts in the last few years (dabbled in php but
not enough to know it well). I've always been interested in python but
don't have much if any exp with it. I also don't have much experience
with SQL/DB or source control.

I was looking at the FIGs and would be interested in the base sysadmin
and sysadmin-noc for now while I figure out where everything is and
what it does. I'm also interested in more info on the sysadmin-tools
and sysadmin-web FIG.
So, next just apply for the FIGs, keep lurking, ask some questions,
show up for IRC meetings?

Thanks all,
Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson